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Thinking about using the Structured Sale to defer your capital gains taxes?
If so, you'll want to read on...

New 98 minute audio with one of the nation's top tax attorneys reveals everything YOU and your CPA should know if YOU are even considering using the Structured Sale!

...if you are thinking about using the Structured Sale,
this may be the most important letter you read this year!


If you are a CPA, Financial Planner, Attorney, or Real Estate Professional the information in this interview can save your clients thousands and make you the EXPERT in your area!

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Rob Wood interview on the Structured Sale

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Are you a seller of an appreciated asset such as real estate or a business?

Are you a Financial Planner, CPA, Attorney, Structured Annuity broker, or other professional advisor who works with sellers of appreciated assets?

If so, you will want to listen in as Robert W. Wood, a Forbes Magazine Top 100 Attorney in the U.S., ranked by Unitied States Lawyer Rankings in the top HALF DOZEN tax attorneys in the U.S., spills the beans about the Structured Sale annuity for capital gains deferral.

If you want more information about Rob Wood and his preeminent qualifications, visit www.woodporter.com. You'll find he is among the most prolific authors in the country on tax matters.

The Settlement Institute has been receiving countless questions about a relatively new, yet unknown capital gains tax deferral strategy called the Structured Sale. There are industry experts on both sides of the fence when it comes to the Structured Sale. Some say that the strategy is an extremely viable and legal way to defer capital gains taxes...

...while others have expressed their concern for the strategy.

We could have simply said, "This strategy is a bit too new to comment on as of now". But we just couldn't do that because this strategy has too much potential and it is gaining a high profile through national media such as the Wall Street Journal.

So, to get the true insider and expert view on the Structured Sale we decided to go directly to one of the top tax experts in the nation, Robert W. Wood of Wood & Porter (www.woodporter.com) to see what his "official" on the record opinion on the strategy is.

To sum it up...


We were able sit Rob down for over 98 minutes and grill him on every aspect of the Structured Sale...


Everything from Rob's official opinion on the strategy and how it will likely hold up to IRS scrutiny...


The exact steps that a professional advisor should take to correctly institute the strategy. Many professional advisors and so called "Structured Sale planners" are doing it incorrectly. In this 98 minute audio Rob Wood reveals exactly what needs to be done to keep it legal and ensure the seller is not left out to dry.

In our opinion, even if a seller is currently working with a Structured Sale planner, they should listen to this in-depth interview before they close the transaction to make sure that their Structured Sale planner performs the Structured Sale in a way that protects THEIR tax treatment and financial security.

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So, what is 98 minutes of in-depth analysis, case studies, step-by-step tax and legal advice specifically on the Structured Sale worth to you?


Let's look at it a few different ways...

  1. Rob Wood charges $650 an hour for his advice and requires a $10,000 retainer when he is engaged to render advice on a case. If we break down this 98 minute audio into what 98 minutes with Rob Wood would cost you... it would cost you $1,061.67 just for this amount of time and expert advice with this top rated Attorney.

  2. How much would a mistake in setting up a Structured Sale cost YOU in taxes and/or legal fees to rectify? Maybe $5,000...$10,000... $25,000? Who knows. It wouldn't be cheap.

  3. If you are on the fence about the Structured Sale and your CPA, Attorney, and/or financial planner advise you not to use the strategy because they "believe" it doesn't work... how much would it save you if you could hand this audio to your skeptical professional advisor for them to review... and approve? Maybe $25,000... $100,000... or more in capital gains tax savings?

When you look at the true value of this targeted and specific expert information you can quickly see what it may be worth to you.

Now that you know the value of this information, here is what is included on this 98 minute exclusive audio:

Look at what Rob discusses >>>
The step-by-step process of a Structured Sale (Ensured Installment Sale) and whether it is safe or not from a tax perspective
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Robert Woods opinion on the future of the Structured Sale and how he believes the IRS will treat it
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Why the Private Annuity Trust was deemed obsolete by the IRS and whether the Structured Sale will likely follow the same fate
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Whether the Structured Sale can actually be used as a backup plan for a failed 1031 exchange... and if it can, exactly what steps NEED to be taken to ensure the seller retains their tax treatment
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Benefits and drawbacks of the Structured Sale and how they can affect the buyer AND seller
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Reveals the exact type of sellers who are looking at the Structured Sale, and whether this is a smart move
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
Why a traditional installment sale is so risky for sellers looking to cash in and retire
Look at what Rob discusses >>>
What ONE risk the buyer may face in the Structured Sale and how it can possibly be avoided


The information mentioned above is only about 1/20 of the total information on this 98 minute exclusive audio!

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So, what's in the audio?

Here's a timeline of the 98 minute audio from start to finish... (I know it's long! There's a lot of content on this 98 minute audio!)

Whats in the audio...
Introduction of Rob Wood
Whats in the audio...
The potential problems with selling for cash
Whats in the audio...
In-depth description of asset sale strategies
Whats in the audio...
Analysis of the Private Annuity Trust and why it was attacked by the IRS from a tax perspective
Whats in the audio...
Analysis of the traditional installment sale from start to finish with case studies
Whats in the audio...
Analysis of the Charitable Remainder Trust and how it may or may not be a viable asset sale option for many sellers
Whats in the audio...
Brief analysis of the Structured Sale
Whats in the audio...
In-depth review of the history of the Structured Sale and what you need to know about its history
Whats in the audio...
Possible benefits that the seller may receive
Whats in the audio...
Built in safety measures and how to be sure they continue to protect the seller
Whats in the audio...
How to design the income stream generated by the Structured Sale effectively
Whats in the audio...
The costs involved with the Structured Sale that some planners try to hide
Whats in the audio...
Can a Structured Sale be used as a viable 1031 Exchange fallback? If so, what needs to be done to ensure it's set up correctly?
Whats in the audio...
Possible beneifts that a buyer can realize with the Structured Sale
Whats in the audio...
Step-by-step mechanics of the strategy and EXACTLY how it must happen or the seller may be at huge risk
Whats in the audio...
What the seller and CPA need to know come tax time
Whats in the audio...
How a buyer can benefit by paying a smaller price using the Structured Sale
Whats in the audio...
Pitfalls to look out for when using the Structured Sale
Whats in the audio...
Why some people may not be able to use the Structured Sale
Whats in the audio...
How an attorney, CPA, or other professional may be able to use the Structured Sale to boost their practice if used correctly
Whats in the audio...
Closing comments including Rob's personal "Red Phone" direct line for expert tax help directly from him

Truly, we were surprised by the end of the interview at just how much in-depth tax and legal advice Rob revealed. We kept asking questions thinking he would dance around the issue, but he truly gave his hard hitting and honest expert legal and tax opinion on virtually EVERYTHING we threw his way.

As an introductory price we are offering special discounts on this exclusive 98 minute audio interview with arguably the TOP tax attorney in the entire U.S.. We are limiting the number of downloads of this 98 minute audio and want to reward you by acting now to purchase it.

Here's the quick scale showing the unique pricing that we are offering you as a reward for those who act fast.

As you can see, the price will jump up to its normal level as soon as there are 200 downloads (the way people are responding to this interview, it won't stay at the current level very long).

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Rob Wood interview on the Structured Sale


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P.S. - This audio was recorded in April of 2007 and is brand new. Even if you know about the Structured Sale strategy already, you will learn a whole lot from this audio that you never knew or never thought of before. When Rob Wood speaks on tax issues, the nation listens. Be sure to download this audio now before we stop selling it.

Why would we stop selling it you ask? Simply so this audio does not dilute the market and lower the value of Mr. Wood's expert advice. Think about it... if you recorded a 98 minute audio that revealed all of your expert advice and step by step approaches on whatever you do, and let an unlimited number of people access it, wouldn't that diminish the value of your service a bit? It could, and we are only offering a limited number of downloads for that reason.

Click here to download the 98 minute exclusive interview <<


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