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Professional Advisors: Are you struggling to break into the Exit Planning marketplace?

You can tap into the $11 trillion Exit Planning market with proven systems, strategies, and support from The Settlement Institute.

Are you not currently prepared for the impending explosion of the Exit Planning marketplace?

Are you a Professional Advisor such as a Financial Planner, CPA, Attorney, or Real Estate Professional? You’re a Financial Planner, life insurance specialist, financial strategist, CPA, attorney, real estate broker, etc. — who wants to grow your business by Exit Planning but just don’t have the systems, strategies, and support…

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Offer your clients solid and proven Exit Strategies over and above the common ones such as the 1031 exchange …


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Receive in-depth and high quality training on Exit Planning from the available strategies, to marketing, to creating an exit plan…

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Practice with integrity and help sellers of highly appreciated assets better reach their goals through proper planning that you provide….

We are The Settlement Institute, a national educational, training, and support institute dedicated solely to helping professionals such as yourself advance their businesses by learning cutting edge strategies that are proven to create results.

And, yes, there are many more Exit Strategies available to you than you currently know about… any of which can immediately boost your Exit Planning business and help your clients better meet their goals. And The Settlement Institute makes it our sole mission to hunt down the most up to date information, strategies, and best practices in the Exit Planning industry to give you an honest edge over your competition.

The Settlement Institute is a relatively new venture; however, the professionals that are the driving force of the institute include nationally known financial and planning experts, marketing experts, and national experts from all corners of the U.S. To say the least, membership with The Settlement Institute means you are working with the best!

What is The Settlement Institute?

The Settlement Institute is an educational, training, and support institute that aims at advancing your business and your clients goals through proper education and support. There is a lot of information out there on Exit Strategies… some of which are valid and strong… others which are dangerous and should not be messed with.We work with professional advisors from around the U.S. daily and see what works and what doesn’t. This information is then passed on to you through this website, our products, and our Exit Advisors Affiliate Program. So, when you hear something from The Settlement Institute, you can rest assured that it is based on solid facts… not conjecture or guesses.

Are you someone that would benefit from The Settlement Institute?

If you are a professional advisor who works with clients who exit real estate or businesses…
If you are a seller of an appreciated asset such as real estate or a small business…If you are an attorney who works with clients in injury settlement cases…… You can benefit greatly from our programs, information, and products!Take a look at just some of our quality and exclusive programs, products, and information.

Top 9 Ways to Sell Your Real Estate or BusinessTop 9 Ways to Sell Your Real Estate or Business: Pay LESS Tax, Put MORE Cash Into Your Pocket, Systematically Reach Your Goals. Comprehensive manual that walks you step-by-step through the top 9 most effective and popular sales and exit strategies that people have used over the last 12 months.This manual has strategies that 99% of professional advisors and sellers DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.There is a 365 day 100% money back guarantee, so you can’t lose by ordering and trying it out.Learn more about this manual here <<Exit Planning
Structured Sale 98 Minute Teleseminar with Robert W. Wood98 Minute Exclusive Teleseminar with Top Tax Attorney Robert W. Wood on the Structured Sale.In-depth Teleseminar geared at both sellers and professional advisors to teach step-by-step the Structured Sale strategy and a deep analysis of the tax issues involved with this strategy and several others including the Charitable Remainder Trust, Installment Sale, and 1031 Exchange.



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